Life is gift. Everyday when you wake up in the morning, make acknowledge of it and treat everyday like a Christmas morning, rushing to unbox such a gift and embrace it as if you could lose it the next minute. Think about it, is it possible that you can lose such gift the next minute? Are we taking such a gift for granted everyday? Every morning, we should unbox life with full enthusiasm and cherish every minute of it.

In order to take full advantage of this amazing gift, we must understand what is being offered inside the box. How many people can comprehend what life is all about? Some people can see a full spectrum of the gift and able to convert that into complete happiness, while some others might not be blessed to make such observation. For people in between of the spectrum, they might recognise the benefits, but choose not to or not knowing how to embrace it. For the most part, many of us just do not know what is good for us, so we default to what we wanted in life instead of what we needed in life. Very often, what we needed in life are harder to achieve than the things that we wanted; hence we allow ourselves to settle with short-term satisfaction rather than long-term lasting benefits. What can I say, it is just fundamental human nature until we are trained to break these habits.